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Migel Bio
Miguel Molina Bio
Miguel Molina Trantas, CMT

Miguel graduated with 500 hours from McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland California. He decided to leave his hospitality career to focus on the healing holistic properties of massage therapy.


Miguel is very passionate about providing his clients with exceptional bodywork. He specializes in Western style deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and sports massage.


Miguel's goal is to facilitate healing through touch. His primary focus is pain relief. He is willing to meet the challenges and customize the massage according to what each client needs to improve their quality of life.

Certification #57663

California Massage Therapy Council

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James Bio
James Glassford Bio
James Glassford, CMT

My style of massage combines tools from multiple techniques, all woven from the intention of full integration within the fluidity of the client’s re-integration process. My bodywork skills include Reiki, Esalen, Swedish, Shiatsu, and Deep Tissue massage. I also practice Qigong and take great care for knowledge and respect of human anatomy.


I intently listen to clients and we engage to identify the ‘what, where, and how’ to focus; whether a relaxing full-body massage experience with fluidity and strength, or perhaps combined with energy work, or along a continuum of more focused and customized therapeutic approach to address specific issues.


I am a practicing healing facilitator utilizing my training and tools, supplemented with the benefits of my meditation practice within qigong and yoga to support my client’s best interests.

Certification #69078

California Massage Therapy Council

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